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The Bluewater Freedivers of Western Australia is a club comprising of Australian and State Spearfishing champions, social spearfishers, as well as new divers intent on improving their skills in this environmentally sustainable method of fishing.

This ever expanding group has a laidback style that suits divers with many varied interests. Underwater video, digital still pictures and rock lobster collection are very popular, as is offshore hunting for pelagic species.

The BFWA are happy to show interstate and overseas divers some of the exciting freediving Western Australia has to offer. The more experienced members are always willing to help novice divers with techniques to land that “fish of a lifetime” or just provide the family with some first rate table fish.

The BFWA is associated with both the Australian Underwater Federation and Recfish West. The club works with both these organisations to show that the historical image of spearfishing is not relevant in the current era.

Modern freedive spearfishing is the most ecologically sustainable form of recreational fishing because it is selective, has no bycatch, uses no bait and creates no habitat damage. Freedive spearfishers are restricted due to natural factors such as low visibility and rough water which cannot be dived effectively. They are also limited by the depth they can dive (generally no deeper than 20m), therefore large areas of ocean behave as natural sanctuary zones from spearfishing.

BFWA contributes towards scientific research by providing visual data as well as samples. Scientific research on spearfishing catches in Australia has indicated very low effort, low catch rates (1-2% of Rec catch total) and little negative impact on fish populations.

The BFWA meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Meetings consist of a discussion of general issues affecting the club followed by a BBQ, a few drinks and a lot of talk about previous dives and upcoming trips.